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What Is The Difference Between Having Flu-like Symptoms And Having The Flu?

Posted by admin on Nov 15, 2009 in flu and treatment

I’m asking because pro-atheletes are constantly sidelined by what is called “flu-like symptoms” I never hear this term used anywhere but professional sports. Why don’t they just act like normal people and say they have the flu?

Tags: atheletes, Between, Difference, flu like symptoms, Flu......., Flulike, Having, professional sports, Symptoms, term, What

What Is The Difference Between Swine Flu And Normal Flu?

Posted by admin on Nov 7, 2009 in flu topic

Ok so i have like… all of the symptoms but im pretty sure its just normal flu.

-is it cureable, can we get over it on our own or do we need a shot?

-do you get it from eating pigs? D:

Tags: airbourne, Between, Difference, Flu......., Normal, pigs, Shot, Swine, What

If I Have The Swine Flu Vs The Regualar Flu How Would I Know? What Is The Difference In Symptoms?

Posted by admin on Nov 7, 2009 in flu and treatment

What is the difference between the regular flu and the swine flu? And if someone has the swine , how long does it take to recover from it , esp if there are no vaccines available ? What should one do in that case? I have consulted a doctor and even he does not know what i should do, he himself said he had the swine already and has not fully recovered and i have had it now for three weeks . I have congestion so badly that sometimes i simply can not breathe properly.

Tags: case, congestion, Difference, esp, Flu......., Have, Know, Regualar, someone, Swine, swine flu, Symptoms, vaccines, What, Would

How Is The Flu Transmitted And What Types Of Flu Transmission Happen The Most? What Types Of Soaps Kill The .?

Posted by admin on Nov 1, 2009 in flu and treatment

I read that the flu is transmitted via talking, coughing, sneezing and touching surfaces and then putting your hands on your mouth, nose or eyes. How often will a person get the flu from someone coughing, sneezing or talking? What about touching a surface and then your nose, mouth or eyes?

How long does the flu live on surfaces?

Everywhere I go, people cough without covering their mouths, sneeze and talk.

What types of soaps kill the flu especially swine flu?

Tags: Flu......., Happen, Kill, Most, mouth, mouth nose, nose, person, sneeze, Soaps, someone, swine flu, Transmission, Transmitted, Types, What

What Is A Symptom That The Swine Flu Gives You Its Self Besides The Normal Flu Symptoms?

Posted by admin on Oct 28, 2009 in flu topic

I know the swine flu gives the symptoms of sneezing, coughing and fever that a normal flu gives you. But I want to know what symptoms does the swine flu gives you besides those symptoms. Like a symptom that would let you know you have the swine flu.

I’m worried I might have it cause I I’ve had a runny nose and been coughing a lot for about a week. Also I just heard the swine flu came around close to where I live too.

Tags: Besides, fever, Flu......., Gives, I, lot, Normal, nose, runny nose, Self, Swine, swine flu, Symptom, Symptoms, That, What

What Is The Difference Between The Average Flu Every Flu Season And Swine Flu?

Posted by admin on Oct 28, 2009 in flu and treatment

Before swine flu, there was still flu that people catch during flu season. Does anybody know the official name of the flu that people got every flu season?

And what makes swine flu so different?

Tags: anybody, Average, Between, Difference, Every, flu season, Flu......., name, Season, Swine, swine flu, What

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