Who said Cancer cannot be prevented?

Who said Cancer cannot be prevented?

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Are you among those who think that certain people are destined to get cancers and no matter what they do, nothing can change their fate? Well, if you are of that school of thought listen to the experts- they say NO, it’s just not right.

According to a study conducted by the American Institute of Cancer Research, at least 45% of people think preventing cancer is impossible or highly unlikely and nothing can be done about it. And this percentage is even higher when it comes to people who have genes that predispose them to certain cancers.

But experts say that even people who have such predisposing factors might be able to reduce their risk of cancer significantly by following these three simple but very effective life style changes.

1) Eating a healthy diet

2) Maintaining a healthy weight

3) Exercising regularly

Really, how difficult is it to do the above three if it guarantees you a longer life with a lowered chance of developing cancers?

The data is absolutely clear. A significant drop in the occurrence of cancers can be achieved by making these three changes. It is pretty straightforward- increased weight leads to an increased risk of cancers so reduce your weight. Eat healthy to cause a reduction in your weight and be physical active since physical activity, regardless of weight, can decrease the risk of many cancers like breast cancer.

The American Institute of Cancer Research in collaboration with the Word Cancer Research Fund released a report called the Food, Nutrition, Physical Activity and the Prevention of Cancer : A global Perspective after reviewing more than 7000 studies on cancer. Obviously they cannot go wrong when they say follow these recommendations and you have greatly reduced your chances of developing cancer.

This is what they recommend and it really sums up everything you have ever heard or read about healthy lifestyle-

1) Weight- Maintain a Body Mass Index (BMI) between 21 and 23 and avoid gaining any weight. It is true that BMI up to 24.9 is considered normal but the lower BMI can reduce your risk for cancers.

2) Exercise- A minimum recommendation of moderate activity like brisk walking or cycling for at least 30 minutes every day. The ideal recommendations are 30 minutes of vigorous exercise daily or 60 minutes of moderate exercise. So take your doggy out for that walk or put on your jogging shoes and try to at least get that minimum 30 minutes of exercise per day.

3) Diet- Eating healthy is the mantra here. But many people have questions as to what is eating healthy? it can be defined as a diet consisting mostly of plant based foods like vegetables, fruits and whole grains. Avoid sugary and processed foods and minimize fast food intake along with the intake of red meat. Keep the consumption of red meat to not more than 18 ounces a week. Keep your salt intake to less than 2.4 grams a day and limit alcohol consumption to one drink a day for women or two drinks a day for men. Don’t rely on supplements, the food from your nutrients is enough to keep you away from cancers.

That’s it, these are the only three rules of a healthy cancer free life. All it requires is a little motivation and lots of determination. But the payoff is surely big!! Some people might give up early thinking that their weight is way too far from the healthy weight range, but every effort made towards dropping your weight is well worth it in the years to come and you will thank yourself once you start seeing the results. It is a challenge just like everything else- your life, your job, your relationships! when you can tackle them, you can do the easiest of them all..eat right and exercise! isn’t it?

It is important to understand that for people who have family histories of cancers, they might have to go an extra mile to achieve these three recommendations and be more aggressive. Talk to your doctor about any family history of cancers, any type, and ask your doctor whether there are tests which could assess the risk for developing that type of cancer.

So finally, developing cancer is not left to fate or destiny. It can be greatly manipulated by making some simple changes to your lifestyle..so do yourself a favor and start today. It is never too late to start.

Share this information to all your friends and family and let me know what you think about it. Ask me questions if you want to discuss about cancer prevention.