The Problem Of Stretch Marks: How To Make It Go Away

The Problem Of Stretch Marks: How To Make It Go Away

When skin is stretched past a certain point, tears in the dermis will occur and microbleedings will be present in the dermis. In addition to this, the epidermal layer of the skin becomes very thin which allows these bleeds to be seen through the skin and appear as red or purple marks. Collagen production in this area is stopped due to the tear in the skin so when the body regenerates new cells, these are collagen deficient and have a different color than that of your normal skin. These results in what we commonly refer to as stretch marks.

The people who are most prone to developing stretch marks are those who are growing quickly in size. Examples are adolescents who are growing in height and size quickly due to a growth spurt during puberty. Pregnant women are also prone to developing these scars as their body rapidly grows in size to accommodate the growing baby. Lastly, weightlifters might also develop these marks as the rapid increase in muscle mass causes skin to stretch a lot.

There are many ways of getting rid of stretch marks if you hate seeing these on your skin. Laser treatment is an excellent choice if you want the easiest and fastest way to get rid of these scars, but this method is also the most expensive. The scars will be burned so that there will be space for new cells to regenerate and fill in the space left by the scar. These new cells will have the same tone and texture as your normal skin as collagen production will be normal this time around.

Another way to get rid of scars is by undergoing dermabrasion. This works by sanding the outer layer of the skin to eliminate any blemishes and dark spots on the skin. When the skin regenerates a new layer, this will not have any of the previous marks present. One downside of this procedure is that your skin will be raw for a few weeks as the outermost protective layer will be lost.

The most popular way of removing these scars is by using scar removal creams. These creams work by exfoliating the outer layers of the skin and stimulating cell regeneration so that younger cells will replace the older cells that are present in the scar. When this happens, the skin sheds off the scar and replaces it with skin that is the same as your normal skin tone. This takes longer than the first two procedures but it is also a lot cheaper.

Another popular alternative to using creams is the use of cocoa butter. There are some people who are wary about using scar removal creams as these contain artificial chemicals that may have negative side effects if a lot of these accumulate on the body. Cocoa butter on the other hand is a natural cream that works as a moisturizer which may help reduce or prevent the formation of stretch marks especially when applied during pregnancy.

Aside from just relying on these methods of scar removal, you should also help your body in regenerating skin cells by eating the right kinds of food. Aside from just eating a balanced diet, you can eat food such as yoghurt, berries, salmon and almonds, and drink lots of water and green tea to help flush out wastes in your body and keep your cells hydrated.

With all of these methods that you can choose from, you no longer have to fear about having ugly skin. Flawless skin can now be achieved by taking care of your body and using any one of these procedures to get rid of any existing marks or blemishes.

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