Plans or Surprises

Plans or Surprises

When you take your other out or when you are taken out, do you like surprises or like having a plan?

My one year anniversary is coming up in just a couple weeks and I am surprising my wife with going to one of her favorite restaurants. We usually don''t go to this place much because we can expect to pay around $100, for just the two us.

I am a huge fan of surprising people! I love planning huge, elaborate surprises for friends and family members. You always see videos where people surprise their boy/girlfriend in a big way when they are proposing. I hope one day to do something like that!

I don''t mind surprises myself however I do sometimes prefer to know even though I get the reason for the surprises. I myself like to always be prepared for something like knowing where I am going so I can dress appropriately if they don''t tell me and such. Surprises are fun though.

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