Myself, and dozens of other Internet Marketers have determined that the Perfect Matrix is a SCAM!!! If you are not familiar with the Perfect Matrix, then you have nothing to worry about. If you ARE involved, then likely you will not get your money. I have seen LOTS of people promoting the Perfect Matrix. I would recommend you stop doing this! If you would like me to send you a list of dozens of people who have yet to see anything from them after 6 months or more, email me at sexmonkey@sympatico.ca . I will provide you with my documentation.

My Main Page:

You are not alone. I have been there too. I have been trying to make a living off-line using various money-making programs for over 20 years, with no success. And when the Internet emerged as another vehicle, I was quick to jump on that as well. I know what you are thinking now...who is this guy to tell me how to make money on the Internet, if he has been trying to do it for a year with no success??!!

Well, you have a valid point! In fact, it is a common piece of advice that to be successful, you need to do what the successful people do. It would only make sense that you do not want to take advice from someone who has failed. But what I can do is, tell you what not to do! I have been through the scams, but also have tried to work the programs that are likely not scams, but failed because I was not doing something right.

I am talking about things like Amway, Herbalife, Shaklee, etc. These are legitimate opportunities that actually do make some people a substantial income. But these programs are not easy...you have to feel comfortable contacting people directly to sell them on the product and the business opportunity. They require lots of networking, advertising, commitment, and time. They also require a fairly large initial investment in money, and product must be purchased in advance, and stocked. I felt that I was being brainwashed.

These types of programs also require lots and lots of busy work...printing and distributing flyers (hundreds, or even thousands of them), offline and online advertising, cold-calls, etc. But is it worth it if it works? Of course it is! If you did all this work and it took years, but you finally started to see yourself getting wealthy, would you think in retrospect that it was not worth it? I doubt it! But the problem is, with a program like this, there is no guarantee...surprise! Most people (myself included) do not have that kind of motivation, as well as the huge outlay of time and money it takes. Don''t let them tell you that the initial investment is minimal...there is no getting around the fact that it really does take money to make money.

But the Internet is different...you really can start to see a living with relatively small investments. But you have no way of knowing who is taking you for a ride or not. They all promise a good game, and when you are desperate, you are willing to gamble a small amount of money just in case it works. But a small amount of money here and a small amount there all add up pretty quickly. (Like 700 dollars in the past 6 month’s)

One thing I have found is that once you decide to go for a program, typically one that shows you how to write killer ads, or how to advertise cheaply, or use this tool or that...you find yourself bombarded with more and more "add-ons". You are lured into a program because they promise you they will show you this secret, or that little trick...and mostly enough information is given to you when you sign up to be legitimately helpful and worth the money. The problem comes when they continue to point you to new and different links and programs...to get the full enhancement you will be spending more money. The "member''s page" will typically have good information on it, but will also be loaded with more ads, and more places to go to spend more money, and learn more. I found myself becoming so overwhelmed that I didn’t know where to turn anymore.

If you stick with just the one program you initially bought into, it is possible to make a few dollars, but you are not going to become a heavy-hitter with it. And everybody and their uncle will give you web pages to promote...you are an affiliate of this, and an affiliate of that. I have enough trouble getting traffic to just one page!!

What we need is a program that lists...step by step...do this...then do this...then do this. What really happens with many of the programs is they tell you to do this...do this...then go here and buy this program...do this...do this...then go there and buy that program...promote all of them...you know the drill. They are not scamming you, but they are up selling you to death!! Much more money with little return! Someone else is making the money not ME.

The whole key to Internet marketing lies in three areas: traffic, traffic, and traffic. If you can get enough traffic to your page...even if it is not all that great...you will make some sales. I will be listing a few programs I have had experience with that will generate some money if you can get enough hits to the site...programs that offer stand-alone opportunities that I believe are legitimate on their own, but also "up sell" you on other programs that are required to really do it right. But before I go any farther, let me state a few goals for this page:

I am not trying to sell you anything. If I make any recommendations for anything, you can rest assured that it is because I have found the link to be useful. If you make any purchases on any link that I refer you to, I promise you that I myself have made a purchase at the particular site and found it beneficial.

In the past year of Internet Marketing, I have found the Internet to be promising, hopeful, confusing, and deceitful. My only purpose is to try to save someone the huge expense that I have experienced in the past year.

I will show you the kind of things to watch out for on the Internet, and specifically point out the programs that I have found from first-hand experience to be scams.

I will also point you to some things that actually can make you money, if properly applied.

Please, please...I do not mean to imply that there are no honest opportunities on the Internet...I don''t want anyone marketing a legitimate product to get mad at me!! Probably a great deal of the programs you see would actually work if it were possible to build the kind of downlines necessary! But without a HUGE advertising budget, it isn''t going to happen. You will also notice that this page is not very "pretty". You won''t see a slick, fancy page from me. I am trying to get the content across to you in a manner that will hopefully be easy to read and helpful. This is not an affiliate page that you will duplicate or promote.

My Story

I love the Internet. You can find anything you like on it, news, humor, information, chat, maps, weather, and entertainment...there is no end to the list. And yes, the Internet can be a vehicle to make money. And not only can you make a LOT of money, but you can do it without having to leave your house and go to work. Isn''t that great?

I ended up going from one job to another. Not to say that I am lazy or unmotivated...I have always worked. If I lost one job, I would just pounce on the next one. I just never got onto any type of path that would take me somewhere with a future. The end result is that I have had a string of "jobs", some paid very well and others did not.

Along came the Internet

I saw it as my ticket out. When I heard stories of people who not only earn a living on the Internet alone, but earn a GOOD living, I was hooked. My fantasy of quitting work became possible...if it was possible to do it, I would do it! Then came reality...the Internet was as full of scams as the offline world...and they all promise you everything.

If you are reading this page, then I need not explain further. You know exactly what I am talking about. You put out an ad for a great product, and you get slammed with hundreds of other ads from other "Internet Marketers". I figured with all these hundreds, or thousands of Internet Marketers, there must be some money in it! Why else would all these people be doing it? We soon found out differently. The only people making any money on the Internet are the ones on the very top-level, the ones who have created the program to begin with. They lure the people in, get their money and the people drop out. Not many build a vast Downline, not many successfully refer a large number of people.

The only way I was going to make any money on the Internet is by being a scam-artist. If I could devise some kind of scheme, offer an "Iron-Clad Guarantee", and put out my ads. If my original site was presented cleverly enough, I would be able to recruit people, and tell them I want them to promote the site. I would get some people in, they would fail to recruit, and drop out. No matter, there are enough hungry people out there to take my bait, and since I am at the top, I don''t really care if I get a Downline...I am making my money. I may not be going deep, but I sure am going wide!!

No contract is signed, I am invisible, I can offer any kind of guarantee I like!

No, I am not going to be a scam artist. But you can see how easy it would be, and why so many of these scams exist.

I Fall for the Bait

When you read some of the ads you get in your mailbox, it isn''t hard to be impressed by how well the ad is written. They all empathize with you..."This is the reason you have been failing”!! Finally! A legitimate program! "I feel your pain!"

They will give you some very compelling reasons why you should join their program, and why it will work, and how easy it is. But remember...the ad you are reading was created not by the person trying to sponsor you, but by whoever was smart enough at the very top to start this ball rolling. What are the odds the person who sent you the ad is really making any money? Well, at best, maybe 2%...and if this person is making any money, then probably not enough to quit their day job. Most likely, this person has a Downline of about 3 in total, and will probably be out trying the next program by next month...

This was the exact same rut I found myself in, and probably you too. My budget is gone, and what hurts even more than that, my hopes and dreams of creating a decent life for my family has been crushed. My faith in humanity was being destroyed, and the very thing that I love...the Internet...has revealed to me that there really is a sucker born every minute, and you are looking at him.

FFA Pages

What do you do if you believe the program is legit? I know you have been marketing with Safe Lists and FFA pages, which is how you got here. You know the drill...you don''t post to an FFA page, but you own it. Most FFA sites have options where you can join for free, or you can become a paid member. Here is where we talk about spending money on advertising.

As you probably know, FFA pages, or Free for All pages are places where people can post ads, generally for free. In return for allowing you to place a free ad, you agree to be sent a "Confirmation Email" from the owner of the page. It gives the owner of the page an opportunity to say "thank you for posting to my page, and here is an ad". FFA pages are a network of people who have signed up as affiliates...no matter whose page gets an ad posted to it, all members in the network are allowed to send these emails to everyone who has posted an ad. On the downside, if you own a page and send out these confirmation emails, you too will get everybody else''s ads.

The idea here is to become an affiliate owner of an FFA page, which allows YOU to send confirmation emails out to the ad-placers. It is commonly understood today that nobody ever really goes to these pages and systematically views any of the ads, although some might. The point is, don''t waste your valuable time posting ads to FFA pages in the hopes of getting your ad exposed, what will happen is, YOUR email will become flooded with these confirmation emails.

So, should you pay for your page or not? I would recommend you do...they charge between $10 and $25 dollars per month, see, it does cost money to advertise, but it is still very cheap compared to off-line advertising. Paying members usually have the option to customize their pages, so they can put up banners and ads on it for the ad-placers to see. Also, since these are affiliate pages, you have the option to promote them as well, giving you some commission. Another HUGE benefit is that you can set a delay in sending out your confirmation email...anywhere from 2 to 10 days. This is a very nice advantage, in that people posting to the FFA page will not get your ad-within-an-email until the initial email storm has calmed down a bit, giving your email a better chance of getting read. Of course, a lot of other people are doing the same thing, plus many of these people post their ad daily, which means the storm, may never calm down, but it is an advantage, however slight. In addition, some of these pages will disallow you from getting the other affiliates'' counter-ads if you are a paying member, which is a good thing.

The problem is your confirmation emails are only supposed to go out to the people who posted an ad. With the few exceptions noted above, you will get the other affiliates'' counter ads. Who wants to get everyone else''s ads? Maybe some people do, if they are seeking other opportunities, but I am NOT interested in seeing all that junk. What it all comes down to is people tossing ads back and forth. So what''s the answer?

Well, first off, you will need to get several free, web-based email accounts, such as Yahoo.com, Hotmail.com, etc. Use a different account for each FFA page. You will need to log into these accounts and delete the mail several times a day to prevent bounced emails, which are not a good thing. Sometimes, though, it actually can be interesting to read some of these emails to see what the other guy is promoting, but if something does catch your eye, make sure it is on the up and up before joining.

If you want to look at a few places where you can get your own FFA pages, here are a few to check out:

Safe Lists

Safe Lists are similar to FFA pages in that they are places for people to advertise, and then get the email confirmations. There are many free and paid Safe Lists available on the Internet, but the paid ones generally give a better response than the free ones. Also, while the free Safe lists allow you to send to the members only once per week, you can send daily with most of the paid ones. Since there are so many Safe Lists out there, sometimes it is better to just join a plethora of free ones, and send to a different batch every day. An excellent place to start in your search for Safe Lists is http://www.mdffa.com/pro/healthynwealthynwise/index.html . This lists a HUGE number of Safe Lists, but it is ponderous to go through them all, some of them may not work reliably all the time. Again, the paid ones will give you better results, but so many of them are free, joining as many as you have time to work with will get eventual results.

So, in a nutshell, I believe that FFA pages and Safe Lists are one of the cheapest ways to advertise. The down-side is that the vast majority of people who see your ads will be doing the same thing as you...basically an "ad-swapping" network. Your targeted audience should really be people who are either new on the internet or people who are actively investigating Internet marketing, but have not as yet joined any type of program. FFA pages and Safe Lists can get your ad out to many hundreds, even thousands of people, but your return rate will be low. It is a relatively inexpensive way to "play the odds".


One of the best ways...and most expensive...to advertise is in E-ZINES. E-ZINES originally were "Electronic Magazines" or newsletters, simple text files with some type of specific subject matter or interesting content that could be read on-line, or delivered periodically to an email account.

E-ZINES have "graduated" up to impressive HTML documents that are becoming easier to read and more pleasant to look at. Their subscribers are usually people that have a strong interest in the subject matter of the E-ZINES, which means it is easy to focus your advertising to a relevant audience. Subscriber base numbers appear to have little impact on the effectiveness of ads, if the ads are properly targeted. What this means is that if your business is selling fishing equipment, and you advertise in a fishing E-ZINES, you should draw a pretty consistent percentage of responses regardless of how many or how few people subscribe to it. In a case like this, you could probably shop for the cost of the ad relative to the number of subscribers.

If the subject of your advertising is broader, such as computer parts, you could advertise in many different E-ZINES, but your response rate may vary quite a bit from one E-ZINE to another. Be aware, though, that it is believed that large subscriber bases are not necessarily the best places to advertise, you need to look at the total cost of the ad, and how well the E-ZINE is crafted.

Generally, it is recommended that if you are going to spend the time and energy looking at E-ZINES, reading them to determine if you will fit in, and going through the process of contacting the publishers, you might as well only go with paid ads. Free ads will bury your message at the end of the publication along with several other ones. A paid ad will allow you to have your promotion displayed in strategic locations, as well as limiting the total number of ads allowed in the E-ZINE, which prevents your ad from getting lost among the flotsam.

The subject of E-ZINES is so complex and so dynamic; I am still in the process of educating myself about them. You will find that there are so many E-ZINES out there, and so many people trying to sell you information, you may find yourself going around in circles trying to digest all of the data. You may want to take a look at some of these resources regarding E-ZINES and E-Books but be aware that despite the fact that these programs are very educational in and of themselves, you will be heavily up-sold on many other ways to succeed. This is a good thing, but you must restrain yourself from buying everything that is put in front of you. As everything else in life, it all depends on how much you can afford to spend.

First, some free resources, be careful here. These E-books are free, and while the information in them is very good, most of them will try to up sell you on various products and programs. Again, the extras are helpful, but until you are having some success, you need to limit your spending on anything extra.

E-ZINE Articles (Articles.exe)-Free E-Book with lots of great articles on publishing, marketing, and advertising in E-ZINES.

Million Dollar Emails (MillionDollarEmails.pdf)-Free E-Book with a wealth of information on how to write great ads, and get them advertised.

Guru Magic (Gurus.exe)-Free E-Book with tips from many different Internet Marketing experts.

Insider Profits (InsiderProfits.exe)-Free E-Book with more techniques.

Killer Marketing Tactics (KillerMarketingTactics.exe)-Free E-Book with very good marketing techniques.

The Magic Story (MagicStory.exe)-READ IT!!

Starting & Publishing E-ZINES (PublishingEzines.exe)-General information on how to begin the process of publishing an E-ZINE.

Scientific Advertising: (ScientificAdvertising.exe)-A complex, granular study of the logical and physiological nature of advertising.

Stealth Internet Marketing (Stealth.exe)-"Stealth" refers to the hidden ways to market over the Internet.

101 Marketing Secrets (101Secrets.exe)-101 excellent tips for Internet Marketing.

How to Spot a Scam

First off, watch out for the lame ads. You''ve seen them; you know which ones I am talking about. The ones with the headers that say things like "Pile-up at the Bank!" "I make $5,000 a Month!" "Here is the Free Report you requested!"

The headline of an ad is so important...it is the only way you will get someone to open your email and read your message.

Don''t be fooled by "Guarantees" or Satisfied Testimonials. I could write them myself, who would know? There are no contracts signed on the internet. This does not mean that guarantees and testimonials are not true, it just means they may or may not be for real. There is usually a catch. I make it a practice to email the addresses for the testimonials, and if I don''t get a reply, I don''t join.

Sometimes, when viewing ads or web pages, you can tell that something just doesn''t "smell right". Sometimes it may be obvious, and sometimes not, but there are certain things you can look for that should tell you if there are any red flags, such as:

They don''t accept credit cards, or even payment via PayPal. If they want you to send them a check, money order or cash, they are one step farther from legitimacy. If they include cheesy forms created with Notepad, with typed dashed lines used as fields for you to put in your info, stay away from them!

Often, when you are viewing some slick web pages, you will see them list the scenario of how much money you can make. They will use the line "Let''s say..."... I know you''ve seen this... "Let''s say you get three people under you. If they do the same, you can make this much money..." They might as well be telling you "Let''s say you get a thousand people to join under you, and they all do the same." Well, if you actually were able to do this, then you really would make a thousand dollars per day! What they are doing is giving you a best-case scenario. They probably are legit, and will pay, but without getting traffic to your affiliate page, and I mean TRAFFIC, the chances are you will have a hard time recruiting.

The point of all this is that without spending a lot of money on advertising, you will not be able to achieve their best-case scenario. You have to balance the cost of recruiting with the belief you have that the program can make you some good commissions.

Can We Make Money or Not??

Yes, we can, but we have to be methodical. We have to be skeptical. We have to be cheap. We have to start out small. Once we are making a profit, we can increase our advertising.

Here are some step by step instructions that won''t up sell you on anything. Once we have done this, we can worry about spending money on "extras":

Open up some free "dump" email accounts with Yahoo.com, Hotmail.com, etc.

Join a few Safe Lists, send some messages, and peruse the "opportunities" that you will receive. If something looks interesting, try emailing the person for more info.

Find something that looks interesting and promising. Regardless of how much the program costs, don''t join anything unless the received product is beneficial, informational, and worth the money all on its own. Do not join any program where you will receive a web site "just like this one" that you will be promoting with nothing else. Do not join any type of "gifting" or pyramid schemes...I don''t care if they quote you laws and codes that "prove" it is legal. Even if you make some money, are you in for the long run, or just some quick cash?

Promote with as many FFA pages and Safe Lists as you have time and money for. Promote daily. Promote aggressively. Promote consistently. Don''t forget you will have to check and delete your emails from your dump accounts frequently- several times per day.

You must promote your program daily without fail for several weeks; give it at least a month. If after that amount of time has gone by without a profit, maybe it is time to find a different program or product.

Now, remember, you have to spend a bit of money to make money. You can''t join a program, no matter how good it is, and expect people to come to your page if you don''t advertise. So use Safe Lists and FFA pages. Remember, pay for as many as you can afford, and join as many free ones as you have time for. That being said, I do want to mention a few resources that will be very helpful if you can afford it. Remember I said that you can''t afford to be up sold on extras? Well, the following resources are things I have really found to be useful, and am using them. I am not making any money on any of these, I am just pointing out that I have found them to be worth the effort:


$20.00 per month supposedly sends 1,000 spam-free emails a day via confirmation messages sent to search engines. Main benefit, no "counter-offer" emails.

The Fastest Way I Have Seen to Make Money

Ok, so where are we? After joining various schemes, making a few dollars here and there, and promoting my brains out, I have come to the conclusion that I need to jump on the biggest money-maker there is on the Internet. And we all know what market that is...right?

I knew it right from the start. I admit I have visited adult sites. They are expensive. But we know that the "Adult Business"...offline and online...has always been, and always will be one of the hugest markets in the world. Why then, was I wasting my time with programs like Gideon, where you have to make nine sales to make a commission...a commission of less than one hundred bucks? I found that I had to get a hundred people to my site to even make a sale! I ignored the ads for adult sites no longer. I thought I would give it a shot.

There are two ways to access Adult material on the Internet. I am talking about paying for it...the "free" sites will tease you with a few pictures, but without paying, you won''t get much. One way is with a credit card. You can join a monthly program, and get some good material. Another way is with a "dialer" program...you disconnect from the Internet, and connect again via a dial-up connection supplied when you download the dialer program. You are then billed on your phone number, since you are calling a 900 number. Many people like this method because they don''t have a credit card, or don''t want to use it.

I first became aware of this via a program called 090isp. If you see this program being advertised, stay away from it. It is a scam. They say you can join for around a hundred bucks. You are supposed to get an adult site that is accessed with a dialer, and you get paid a percentage of minutes that people use. They say they will send enough traffic to your site to earn you $10,000 per month. I have talked with people in that program, and the sites are yet to come online.

But now my eyes were opened...I knew there was a way for an average person to make money on an adult site if they could find the right vehicle.


I can tell you that nothing I have tried has been as responsive. You pay a monthly fee of $24.95, which gives you access to the adult site...AND it allows you to promote your page and sell this to your prospects. You get 50% commission month after month, unless someone cancels. I have not had anyone cancel yet. People who buy will be people who are actively searching for a quality adult site...and trust me...this site has the best, highest-quality, fastest, and most comprehensive content I have seen. Other people will join not for the content, but for the money involved.

After having been doing this program since the beginning of October, 2001, I have to say I am excited and surprised! This is the first time I have EVER made any money on the internet! I have found that by sending my follow-up emails to interested prospects, instead of just advertising my URL, I am actually seeing an income that will hopefully allow me to quit my "real" job somewhere in the year 2002! Yes, if you sign up for this I will make money, but I can tell you that with my help, I can show you exactly what I am doing and how I am getting the sign-ups. I am averaging about one sign-up every two days; it is not unusual to get a sign-up per day for a long streak, or even more than one per day. And every sale I make will continue to pay me on those sales every month. Add to that my new sales each month, and I expect my income to keep doubling every month. All I can say is, with several MILLION people getting on the Internet for the first time every day, and 70% of these people looking for a quality adult site, I looked at it logically, and could not see any other way to go.

Okay, that''s my sales pitch for the day!! So...let''s go on and do a recap, shall we?

Final Checklist

Ok, fellow Internet Marketer...here is a final checklist:

Find the program you want to promote. I guess you''ll have to pay them to get started...

Make sure you have your "dump" accounts, whether Yahoo, or Hotmail, or whatever.

Get as many paid FFA pages as you can afford.

Subscribe to as many paid Safe Lists as you can afford.

Subscribe to as many free Safe Lists as you have time for.

Your goal should be to submit ads to at least 4 or 5 FFA pages daily, around 10 Safe Lists daily (combination of free and paid)

In the future, we will talk about E-ZINE advertising. I will keep you posted.

Promote, promote, and promote.

A few final thoughts...

When advertising, it is a good idea to make them request more info via email. If you direct them to a web page, they will go there once, and they will be gone. You will not have any way to contact them again. It often can take as many as 3-7 contacts before someone decides they want to buy in. When asking them to respond, devise some kind of "code" system for them to put in the subject box, using a different code for each advertising media, such as this Safe List, or that FFA page. This helps you track which forms of advertising are working. It''s very nice to get a request for info, and actually KNOW where they came from. Feel good about what you promote! If YOU don''t think it is a good deal, then don''t promote it. Don''t waste time posting ads to classified sites...either free OR paid. The time you spend doing this is just not worth the response you will get. In addition, they will only generate another batch of confirmation emails for you to dump. Like FFA pages, people go here to post ads only...very few people will go there with the specific purpose of perusing the ads.

Don''t waste time registering with Search Engines. Trust me on this.

You must promote daily...aggressively...without fail. Promote every single day, even weekends. Promote consistently. Do not stop for anything. Are you getting the idea? If your program is good, you are asking them to respond via email, and you are promoting DAILY...you will not fail. If you do not give up, you will start to see some income. As you make money, you can increase your advertising budget. Get more paid Safe Lists. We will get into E-ZINE advertising together. I need to do more research myself. I know it can get costly, but it is supposed to be one of the best ways to advertise.

Many of the ads you see will tell you that you only need to work "half an hour per day". Okay, that is not true. If you are going to succeed at Internet Marketing, you will need to devote several hours per day. If you are like me, and hate working for someone else with a consuming passion, you will FIND the time and motivation to do it.

Why does it take so much time? You need to be organized. You need to create folders with info in them pertaining to specific programs, set your bookmarks, and keep track of passwords, URL''s, prospects. You need to be constantly sending and checking email. Let me say this again...if you are not organized, you will spend too much time looking through your computer to find files. Keep track of everything.

When you start making money, you don''t want to worry about taxes. If you open a business checking and savings account, then put any money you make in your checking account. Then transfer 50% of any profit to the business savings account. DON''T TOUCH THAT! Spend half, save half. When you do your taxes, you will be okay. One thing you don''t need is the IRS breathing down your back. You want to sleep well at night, don''t you?

I want you to understand that if you have been scammed, I know how you feel. I don''t want it to happen to anyone else. If you have any ideas, if you have been scammed by a specific program, or if you find one that is outstandingly good, please write me. We are all in this together. Let''s make the Internet a great place to prosper and make money. I will be happy to share any ideas with anyone.

If you want to share anything, or want to be on my mailing list, then contact me at sexmonkey@sympatico.ca . I am not a big company. I am an average person trying to make a living, and will be happy to help anyone who I can.

Here''s to all of our success!!