Hydration Through Fresh Juice

Hydration Through Fresh Juice

Fresh juices contain a high fluid content, so when you are thirsty, instead of reaching for a can of soda why not prepare a fresh glass of fruit or vegetable juice? Sixty-five percent of the human body is composed of water, and water is the major ingredient in blood. Healthy blood feeds our cells and transports metabolic waste from our system. Fresh fruit juices aid this process by cleansing the blood and improving its important chemical and electromagnetic qualities.

Popular beverages such as: coffee, tea, soft drinks, alcohol and tap water all contain additives, preservatives, chlorine, fluoride, caffeine and numerous other ingredients that tax our kidney and liver as these organs work to eliminate the non-nutritive substances in these beverages from our system. By contrast the fluid in fresh juices is naturally pure as it contains no harmful substances; it cannot tax the kidney and liver.

Note: It''s important to replenish the body''s minerals and electrolytes lost through strenuous exercise. Following a strenuous workout, you should have a meal that includes some protein and carbohydrates. There are numerous sports drinks on the market that are designed to replenish carbohydrates which are lost during strenuous physical exercise. The sports drinks on the market are loaded with simple sugars and salt. You can make your own superior mineral-electrolyte drink by following this simple recipe. Using a single auger juicer like the Samson 9006, juice four parts organic watermelon rind with one part cucumber and one part celery then mix an equal portion of this juice with natural spring water. This is a hypertonic drink that will help replace the sodium and sugar that is lost during exercise.