What Does Your Sleeping Position Mean

What Does Your Sleeping Position Mean

The best way to know a person and his true personality might be to watch him sleeping. According to scientists, the way a person sleeps might actually be able to tell you a lot about his inner character. Some of these sleeping positions might even affect our health. Read on to learn about the signals you’re sending out when you’re sleeping. The Fetus Position: This is the most common position which people sleep in; wherein they’d be curled up on their side. Personality: These kinds of people are tough on the outside; and are extremely sensitive at heart. Health Concerns: If you sleep on your left for long periods, it might cause stress to build up on your vital organs – the liver, lungs and stomach. So if you still want to stick to the fetus, it would be recommended that you choose [...]

Men And Gym Accidents

Gym Accidents are the last thing you want on your way to attaining a great physique. But every now and then we keep hearing about them. These gym accidents we are talking about here are not mere accidents which happen by chance; on the contrary these are the incidents that happen, sometimes due to your negligence and some time due to the urge to attain great physique in no time. If you look around in your Gym, you will find that not every person working out with you is following the instructions, some might be doing a little extra, and some might be doing little less, some even might be doing wrong thing on the wrong machine, and all these factors accounts to Gym accidents. These Gym accidents can easily turn your visit to the health club into an ER visit, and hence can not only affect your [...]

Posted in Fitness July 28, 2010

Exercising like our forefathers

Breathing is something that keeps us live. We must stick to it and indulge in it. Water we can live without but taking in and giving out air is pivotal to our existence. Breathe from your abdomen Our lungs have a capacity to take in and hold about two gallons of air. But most individuals only breathe in three pints per breathe. Breathing is always related only to the chest. Abdominal breathing is unknown to most of the people. Diaphragmatic breathing is when we expand the abdomen while we are inhaling the air inside our lungs. Exhalation is when we expand our chest to let the air out of the lungs. This form of deep regulated breathing helps in maintaining our energy levels. It also makes sure that blood is supplied to the major organs. This is breathing from the abdomen. Breathe right Ancient [...]

Posted in Fitness July 27, 2010