Usually done at home using custom made bleaching trays provided by the dentist. This usually takes 2-3 weeks. Can be quicker when combined with in office dentist applied power bleach.

Usually done at home using custom made bleaching trays provided by the dentist. This usually takes 2-3 weeks. Can be quicker when combined with in office dentist applied power bleach.

Dental Glossary


These are silver fillings. These are the fillings most of us have in our back teeth. Some people feel that they are harmful because of the mercury inside them. In reality, a very small number of people are allergic to them but studies performed over the last century have failed to link the mercury to heath problems. If you are still concerned, we can remove them and replace them with white cosmetic fillings.


Using a peroxide based agent to whiten your teeth. Safe for your teeth when a thoroughly tested agent is used.


Using white filling materials to fill teeth or to alter their shaped and/or appearance. This is also the material that holds porcelain veneers on your teeth.


Tooth replacements that are permanently attached to adjacent teeth. Missing teeth are ideally replaced to prevent the adjacent teeth from shifting. Shifting can cause impaired chewing, more stresses on other teeth and the jaw joint and increased plaque build up resulting in gum disease. Cosmetically your appearance may change when your cheeks sink in.

Composite Resin:

White fillings. These are tooth colored fillings that were traditionally used on front teeth but because of increased wear resistance, we now can place them in back teeth.

Crowns (Caps):

Crowns are used to cover teeth that have been weakened by decay around fillings or that are severely damaged, decayed, chipped, discolored or misaligned. Crowns may also be required after a root canal or when a tooth cracks or breaks. Crowns are either metal, metal covered with porcelain or porcelain. Crowns can last form five to twenty years or so depending on the material used and the
care you give your teeth.


A set of artificial teeth set into plastic bases that rest on your gums.

Gum Disease:

Disease of your gums caused by build up of plaque on your teeth that remains contact with your gums. The plaque causes a reaction in your gums that in its early stages is called Gingivitis. It is characterized by gums that bleed easily when touched or flossed. Most people have some degree of gingivitis. Gingivitis left unchecked, leads to a more severe disease called Periodontitis. Periodontitis is a condition in which the connection between the teeth, gums and jaw bone is broken down. This results in bad breath, loosening of the gums from the teeth and eventually loosening of the teeth in the jaw bone.
Ironically, this condition is easily prevented by regular dental check ups and cleanings!


Titanium posts that are surgically placed in your jaw bone and are used to fasten replacement teeth.

Root Canals:

Removal of the dental pulp (nerve) after the tooth is dead or has had the pulp exposed due to cavities or fractures. After the pulp is removed and any infection has resolved, the hollow area left behind after the nerve is removed is filled in with a rubber-like material called gutta-percha. Before the days of root canals, most damaged teeth needed to be replaced.


Thin plastic covers placed on the grooves of Permanent molars in children shortly after they erupt. By filling in the grooves, they create a barrier that is almost 100 percent effective in preventing cavities on the chewing surfaces of these teeth.


Temporomandibular Disorders or dysfunction. Pain upon chewing or moving your jaw. Can be caused by
problems with your jaw muscles, jaw ligaments or the jaw joint itself. Symptoms include headaches, tenderness of the jaw muscles , pain in or around the ear that often radiates to the face, jaw joint sounds when opening or closing your mouth, difficulty in chewing, dizziness and jaws that get stuck or locked open. Usual treatment is an appliance that prevents further damage to your jaw joint and repositions the mandible in a more comfortable position.