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Can I have intercourse during pregnancy?

Can I have intercourse during pregnancy?Intercourse during pregnancy is safe for most women. Special situations in which women might be advised to avoid intercourse include prior preterm labor, multiple miscarriages, infection, bleeding, amniotic fluid leak, and a condition called placenta previa or low placenta. (A placenta previa is when the placenta is implanted near the [...]

Burp and fart is one of the pregnancy symptoms

In the second trimester of pregnancy symptoms you will burp or want to dispose of the wind / fart on when it should not, do not confuse your not alone experiencing this problem. Belching and wind exhaust is the most common complaints during the second trimester of pregnancy symptoms. This is because the colon to [...]

Body Changes in second trimester of pregnancy symptoms 2nd Trimester

In the second trimester of pregnancy symptoms are stomach you will start to look bigger and the outside world will realize that you will become a candidate for new mothers. Second trimester of pregnancy is considered the best because you will feel more comfortable now. Your stomach is not too big you can still perform [...]

Symptoms of the first trimester of pregnancy and the benefits of ultrasound

Several ultrasound parameters measured in the first trimester of pregnancy and symptoms is the GS (bags of pregnancy) is usually in the form of black dots, CRL (length of fetus), and BPD (fetal head size). The benefit is the main thing is to ensure the gestational age according to menstrual claimed by the mother, the [...]

Symptoms of poisoning or pre eclampsia pregnancy.

Condition of preeclampsia is complex and very large influence on the mother and fetus. Began to recognize their own symptoms on a routine pregnancy. Preeclampsia itself usually appears in the third trimester of pregnancy, but can also appear in the second trimester.

Early pregnancy the uterus will swell the bladder cause a kidney to produce fluid.

The desire is often a small void at the beginning of the pregnancy because the uterus pressing up bladder and hormonal changes also cause increased blood volume that causes kidney produces fluid.This condition will be reduced in the second trimester of pregnancy because of growth in the womb to the stomach and start again on [...]

Head Pain In Early Pregnancy Trimesters

Constipation or difficult bowel movements is one early indicator of pregnancy. Increasing the amount of progesterone hormone cause slow digestion, so food can enter more slowly into the digestive tract, which can lead to constipation. This usually occurs in the early trimester of pregnancy. Popular search terms:pregnancy ,pregnant head pain

Many pregnant women who feel that they become more frequent trips to the toilet than usual. In the first trimester of pregnancy, this is because the enlarged uterus pressing toward your bladder.

How to Choose a Pregnancy Body Pillow

How to Choose a Pregnancy Body Pillow At inspection of the pregnant woman some stages of development of a fruit which demand the control are Pregnancy Body Pillow allocated. Healthy pregnant women should be observed by the accoucheur-gynecologist under the certain scheme. If the woman adheres to the scheme of supervision recommended to it the [...]

Pregnancy – unexpected by-effects The period of formation of the pregnant woman mother is filled by certain unexpectedness. During the moment when it and her spouse learn about pregnancy and the future occurrence in a family of the child, they run into ecstasy. It is the moment the most exciting in a life as husband, [...]

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