Random Acts of Kindness

Random Acts of Kindness

Colossians 3:12-14 God loves you and has chosen you as his own special people. So be gentle, kind, humble, meek, and patient. Put up with each other, and forgive anyone who does you wrong, just as Christ has forgiven you. Love is more important than anything else. It is what ties everything completely together.

Here are some simple suggestions to reach out to others and to live what we have been chosen to do, thus, “Building a healthier world one person at a time". Download these suggestions and keep them handy, look for the opportunity to show someone you care.

Don’t delay –Start today!Random acts of kindness:

"Building a healthier world one person at a time"

  1. Bible Promise book: Give someone a Bible Promise book that is struggling.
  2. Music: Share a Christian CD that reflects their taste in music.
  3. Bible Promise / journal: Give someone a Bible Promise book with a prayer journal. Using God’s word and writing their prayers down helps them release their worries. And it is a great faith builder to look back in the prayer journal to see how God answered those prayers very personally and powerfully.
  4. Card: Make a card and put a specific scripture in it to encourage someone.
  5. Appreciation note: Send a personal note to tell someone specifically how and why you appreciate him or her.
  6. Meal: Prepare a meal for a family that is going through a tough time.
  7. Drive thru: Pay for the person behind you at the fast food drive through and tell them God loves them.
  8. Pay toll: Pay a toll for the person behind you and send them a message through the tollbooth person.
  9. Breakfast in bed: Make breakfast for your parents and let them sleep in.
  10. No occasion flowers: Buy flowers for someone for no occasion.

  11. Baby sit: Offer to baby sit for a married couple so they can get away over
    night and refresh their relationship.
  12. Greet co-workers: Go to work 10 minutes early and open the door for each of your co-workers and greet them.
  13. Visit the lonely: Visit and pray with someone who is lonely or having a hard time in life.
  14. Goodie basket: Make cookies or a fruit basket and take it to a neighbor you don’t know.
  15. Network newcomers: If there is someone new at school or work introduce him or her to your friends.
  16. Stick up: Stick up for someone who is getting ragged on.
  17. Lawn care: Cut the grass or shovel the snow for someone (paying the neighbor kid to do it counts too).
  18. Grocery gift: Give someone money, groceries or a gift certificate to a store when you see them struggling, expecting nothing in return.
  19. Collection: Take up a collection for someone when there is a death in his or her family.
  20. Church and lunch: Invite people to your church and plan to take them to lunch after the service to let them know you care.
  21. Unexpected birthday: Give and unexpected birthday card and present to someone you don’t know very well.
  22. Garden starters: If you have a flower and plant garden area in your yard invite others to come and dig up starters from your plants, you can even dig an assortment up and take it to someone just moving in.
  23. Bouquet: Cut fresh flowers from your garden and give them to someone.
  24. Gift box: Take time to get to know someone and find out what they like to do. Is it fishing, sewing, reading, or sports? Make up a gift to give to them. Take a tackle box or sewing box and fill it with some little inspiring gifts. Like a little scripture card or book, or even homemade cookies. You can even personalize and decorate it using paint pens. It can be really fun just to leave it on their doorstep and keep them guessing.
  25. Magazine: Order someone a year subscription to a Christian magazine.
  26. Share who you are: Be "real" with someone and share your own personal struggles and how your faith in God helped you through.
  27. Book / tape: Send someone a good book or tape.
  28. Stranger kindness: Be kinder to a stranger than you need to be. Let someone in front of you in traffic or at the grocery store. Say hello and smile making eye contact with them.

  29. Free meal: Pay for someone’s meal that is not sitting with you when you are at a restaurant.
  30. P.T.O.: Give some of your PTO (personal time off work) hours to someone off work with a lengthy illness. You can also encourage others to do the same; a few hours from many can really make a difference.
  31. Concert: Buy extra tickets to a favorite Christian concert and take others with you as a guest.
  32. Foot massage: Give a foot massage with a mint lotion (it tingles) to your family members while their relaxing watching TV. You’re sure to get some giggles.
  33. Back massage: Give a 2-minute back massage. It’s amazing the stress we all carry around with us all day.
  34. Spouse date: Surprise your spouse and plan a surprise date.
  35. Lighten the load: Take time to do something for your spouse that is hanging over his or her head that you wouldn’t normally do.
  36. Care package: Send a package to cheer someone up that just moved away. Put old pictures and a good book in it.
  37. Create a tape: Make a tape of your favorite artists for someone.
  38. Kid care: Take someone’s kids for a few hours so they can get some things done.
  39. Special kid: Have a snack that a neighbor kid really likes on hand for an after school snack just for them.

* Special thank you to all of you that offered these tried and true suggestions.

Send in your ideas for random acts of kindness by July 31st, 2001 and
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