How Clean Is Your Water?

How Clean Is Your Water?

Without water, life as we know it would cease. Water is all around us and covers at least 70% of the earth’s surface. Fresh water supply is however not so easy to come by much to the extent that in some areas it lacks completely. One of the ways of availing clean water for use is by purifying water. This is done by processing water by chemicals which rid it of dirt, harmful bacteria and rust among others.

Water can be regarded as either hard or soft. Hard water contains magnesium and calcium ions the removal of which makes it soft. Hard water has disadvantages in corroding water pipes and water appliances like laundry machines and also makes it hard for soaps and detergents to dissolve quickly. When hard water is exposed to a water softener the calcium and potassium ions are replaced by sodium ions which are soluble. Soft water ensures long life of water equipment along with making soaps and detergents lather quickly. Softened water is also kinder to the skin and suitable of drinking as all essential minerals are still in place.

Water filter cartridges are the main components of your water purifying system. The cartridges perform a variety of functions. First, they remove any sediment present in your incoming water supply. Also, they eliminate bad taste from water, through the use of charcoal or granulated carbon filters. Lastly, cartridges remove any micro-organisms present in your water.

Another way of purifying water would be through reverse osmosis where after natural osmosis has occurred high pressure is exerted where there is high concentration such that when osmosis occurs again water is separated from whatever impurities it had.

One can also use water filter cartridges which may contain water softeners. This functions by removing sediments as water flows towards the household, taking out the bad taste that water sometimes get from pipes and also removes disease carrying bacteria and other organisms that may cause people harm.

Technology has today made it possible for water coolers to be commercialized rather than just being restricted to bottling companies. Where coolers are being used be it at the office or at home safeguards such as reverse osmosis and ultra filtration systems can be as a shield against unsafe water. Bottled water from natural springs or from treated tap water also referred as purified water is a sure way of accessing safe water. These can be ordered from bottling companies who also deliver them and install them to household or even work places.

Bottled water is becoming increasingly popular because of its relative cheapness and ready availability. The only disadvantage with bottled water is that the bottles sometimes contain chemicals that leak into the water, contaminating it. There are two main types of bottled water, spring (natural and clean) and purified water, which is basically, treated tap water in a bottle. There are numerous companies around that offer bottled water delivery services for a minimum amount. The water can be brought to you in bottles of different sizes e.g. 5 gallon bottles weekly, monthly, etc. In the end it’s up to us to find our most suitable water filtration system that covers all our needs.