Having A Hangover? Check Out These Remedies

Having A Hangover? Check Out These Remedies

We all know what it feels like; Intense Nausea? Dizziness? Dehydrated? Fatigued? Hell, you''re probably still even a little bit drunk! No matter, below is compiled to top 10 hangover cures that have been passed down through generations of alcoholics and party-goers to help alleviate the symptoms of a major hangover...

1. If you are not too drunk immediately before going to bed then drink one whole pint of fresh water. This will prevent your body from becoming dehydrated throughout the night and exacerbating your condition in the morning. Also you should follow this up with a pint of fresh water in the morning when you wake up. This will ensure that you are properly re-hydrated, thus alleviating the symptoms of drowsiness and nausea.

2. When you wake up, eat something! Your digestive system will have had to work hard releasing truckloads of enzymes to break down all of that alcohol that you consumed before it poisons you. By eating foods high in fat and sugar you will be replacing lost calories more efficiently and alleviate the symptoms of feeling drowsy and fatigued.

3. Isotonic drinks such as Lucozade have been suggested as a good hangover cure. This is due to the extremely high levels of glucose syrup (25%) ready to be used in cell respiration which will help breakdown high levels of alcohol in the blood and stomach. It will also help to rehydrate you.

4. Try and go for a walk or a jog. If you can manage it, get outside for a walk of a jog. The exercise will increase heart rate and breathing, which in turn will increase the volume of oxygen in the blood, speeding up metabolism and the breakdown of alcohol in the blood and digestive system.

5. Eat some fruit such as bananas or oranges. This will replace lost vitamins in your body and make you feel less fatigued. Toast also contains vitamin b6 and b12, alcohol inhibits the absorption of these vitamins so you will need to stock up on them to stop your hangover from intensifying. Supplemental vitamins are also a good idea if you have them, however, long term nervous damage can occur if taken too regularly. Tomatoes are high in vitamin c, which needs to be replenished after a heavy night.

6. Antacids such as alka seltzer can help to settle your stomach if you feel nauseous in the morning, however you should steer clear from painkillers as they can have adverse affects on the liver when mixed with alcohol

7. Have a fry up. The eggs and meat contain cysteine which is thought to be responsible for clearing toxins out of the body (i.e. all that alcohol you had). The fatty food will also contain lots of calories which will help drowsiness and fatigue.

8. If you really can''t bare to go outside for some exercise then try to get some rest, this will conserve the energy that you have into breaking down the alcohol and may leave you feeling better when you wake up.

9. Have a shower which alternates hot and cold. There doesn''t seem to be much science behind this, however it does seem to work so, if you''re feeling brave give this a try.

10. This one is probably the most bizarre cure of them all but many people have sworn by it. The "Hair of the Dog"; drinking some alcohol in the morning is supposed to stop your digestive system working on the old alcohol and break down the new stuff. However this is only a short term cure as you will probably feel just as bad when you sober up from that shot of vodka you just necked.

Well thats it guys, you''re on your own now, good luck...