Eight reasons to get some honey!

Eight reasons to get some honey!

Honey (especially raw or “unprocessed”) is amazing for you and tasty as all get up. In Chinese medicine certain herbs, like licorice root (gan cao), can be “honey fried” to increase their value as a nourishing and replenishing medicinal herb. This has been done for centuries for numerous reasons. Below are just 8 of the many things honey can do for your body.

1. It’s an antiviral! The health and diversity of the plants used by the bees is important as to how healthful your honey is in general, for example buck wheat honey has been found to act as a cough suppressant.

2. As a sweetener it helps to balance out blood sugar levels quickly leading to improved cholesterol levels, lower body fat and less weight gain. This is because it provides the liver with fructose as well as glucose at an even rate and may also improve insulin sensitivity.

3. Honey boosts the immune system immensely! A high fever can kill white blood cells which are your immune system way of fighting off anything. Honey reduces the death of these cells during a fever providing you with the strength to get better sooner.

4. The antibacterial affects mostly come from raw honey. Propolis, or “bee glue,” is made by honeybees to seal the hive and make it safe from bacteria and other micro-organisms. This is great for humans! Once processed propolis is eliminated from honey so eat raw honey!

5. Raw honey also contains lots of friendly bacteria that help our bodies run smoothly and prevent dis-ease in digestion!

6. In India honey is used topically to help heal wounds (particularly severe burns) as it lowers the infection rate thanks to the antibiotic effects and prevents white blood cell death.

7. Other helpful tumor fighting substances are often present in honey too but most cancer research in this department has been focused on honeys use to improve quality of life and effectiveness of other treatments based on its positive effects on the immune system.

8. Your local honey is great for pollen allergies- as it is made from your local flowers. This is not for grass or dust allergies though as there is no pollen involved there (try Rooibos tea for that).

Got a bee hive out back? If no one is allergic then leave it well alone (let them “bee”) and make sure you have some Apis (a homeopathic remedy made from honey bees) on hand to use incase of stings. It effectively and efficiently eases any discomfort and is great for kids.