Açaí - How Açaí Is Better Than Blueberries, Grapes, Apples, & Other Super Fruits

Açaí - How Açaí Is Better Than Blueberries, Grapes, Apples, & Other Super Fruits

Brazil is one of the richest countries in the world. What helps fuel its economy, however, is this one other tiny thing. That they have been using Acai (pronounced ah-sigh-ee), a small berry fruit that’s mightier than blueberries, grapes, and apples has been Brazilians best kept secret that’s unknown to many. It’s in the wild river banks of the Great Amazon’s northern part that this super anti-oxidant fruit has been growing for centuries now. When all of the indigenous tribes had vanished to eternity, these native tribes survived all the ills brought about by civilization. That they use acai in their traditional meals and mix it up with some organic seeds is important knowledge. This they said has a caffeine-like effect. It gives them a sharp mind besides perking them up. In the same way, acai was found out by the world’s famous food experts and scientists to boost the system’s energy levels. Acai health supplements and health drinks are now hot items among professional athletes and even body building enthusiasts for that reason.

Acai, besides being a good source of carbohydrates and amino acids that help to shape up muscles and increase physical strength and endurance, is deemed the world’s super food for its unsurpassed high content of anti-oxidants. These bodies’ heroes that flush down harmful toxins and control radical cells from regenerating are called anti-oxidants. Radical cells cause premature aging and cancers of any kind. Its regular users get an over-all effect from the tiny acai. Taking acai will make your skin supple and clean, as an after-effect of having a toxin-free system. Another part of the deal is your sexual health. Acai has all the essential vitamins K, E, D and A that taking it will increase libido and allows you a powerful performance. A heightened sense of being is also something acai can give. Preventing eye diseases as glaucoma and helping to maintain vision acuity are acai’s tasks.

Acai benefits are many to tell. The French should wait till they use acai before they pride of having red wine as a good heart ailment buster. Having between 10 to 30 more anti-oxidant anthocyanin counts, it’s known to be better than red wine. Furthermore, it also has rich protein content. It has vegetable protein which only nurtures good cholesterol and blocks off bad cholesterol from building up.

As a health drink having all these qualities, it might keep you asking what this native berry tastes like. Well, it’s like a chocolate-and-berry concoction. To drink it with a lick is a thing you might just do.