The Golf Supplement

The Golf Supplement

PARformance -

There''s a reason why athletes use supplements. They work. They increase your ability to perform and often take your game to new levels. That''s what Parformance is all about. Tired of having to get a handicap in double digits or feeling run down after only 9 holes? Whether your golf game is need of a major boost or a little nudge onto that next level, Parformance is going to give you what you need to play better than ever before. Instead of trying generic supplements and boosters, you need something designed to help you, the golfer.

Why Use Parformance?:

Energy and Stamina - Golf can be very demanding on your body. The ingredients in PARformance are formulated to keep a golfer’s energy level consistently high throughout his entire game. If a golfer currently drinks a soda, coffee, or eats a candy bar for energy he will be familiar with the highs and lows that occur within a few holes. PARformance will improve his game by providing a balance of energy and stamina through all 18 holes.

Concentration and Focus - Mental clarity is very important part of any golfer’s game. We have included three very specific nutrients to assist the brain in keeping the golfer focused. The formulation has the added benefit of free radical reduction, which overtime helps the golfer remain concentrated and focused.

Calmness – Anxiety can kill a good round of golf any day of the week. It is important for a golfer to feel calm and collected when he stands over the ball. PARformance is formulated with a synergistic combination of herbs and nutrients that support a feeling of calmness without energy reduction.

Every capsule contains these amazing ALL NATURAL HERBS:


Siberian Ginseng

  • Provides support for stressful conditions in the body.
  • Improves the memory, increasing concentration abilities, supporting any mental endeavors.

Korean Ginseng

  • Increases strength and endurance.
  • Resists stress and mental fatigue.
  • Supports proper nervous system function.


  • Rich in vitamin B.
  • Beneficial to brain tissues, membrane and sensory nerves.

Kola Nut

  • Increases the capacity for physical exertion and for enduring fatigue.


  • General tonic for the wall being of the body.
  • Affects fatigue in the nervous muscle system.
  • Increases athletes reaction time when participating in their sport.

Bee Pollen

  • Completely balanced for vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, fats and all essential amino acids.
  • A full spectrum body rejuvenating formula particle for the extra nutritional and energy needs of athletes.

Yerba Mate

  • Provides energy without the undesirable stimulant effect.

Green Tea

  • High in much needed flavonoids.
  • Studies have reported Green Tea to have greater anti oxidant activity than either vitamin E or C.


Ginkgo Bilboa

  • Moves blood and oxygen to the brain to enhance memory and mental alertness.
  • Enhances elasticity and strength in the blood vessels and capillary walls.

Gotu Kola

  • Mild anti-anxiety, anti-stress action which improves mental function.
  • Creates mental support for athletes to concentrate.


  • Improves brain function and increases energy level.
  • Gives power and vigor to the brain.



  • Calms nerves and reduces anxiety.
  • Creates anti-anxiety and calming support, giving athletes the opportunity to focus.

Kava Kava

  • Induces a feeling of relaxation, peace and contentment, plus sharpening the senses.

St. Johns Wort

  • Helps the body with nerve control.
  • Anti-anxiety.
  • Emotional stability.

Meadow Sweet

  • Anti-inflammatory to prevent fatigue in muscle.

Passion Flowers

  • Reduces spasms and depresses the central nervous system.
  • Reduces anxiety and restlessness.


  • Useful for relief of stress and tension.