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TENS For Pain Management in Monrovia Monrovia TENS For Pain Management Arcadia Chiropractor

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If you found this page, chances are you are one of the millions of people suffering from neuromusculoskeletal pain.

United Physicians Health Institute is the number one Southern California leader in educating, evaluating, training, and consulting employees from major corporations in the use of TENS technology for pain management.

Just some of the companies we have worked with in just in 2010 are Boeing, Bank Of America, Amtrak, Sheraton Hotels, Radisson Hotels, Weber Metals, Technip, ESI Enterprises, One Lamda, Costco, Levlad, Miller-Kaplan-Arase and Co, Valley Crest Landscaping, Aramark, and many more. Contact us if you would like UPHI to participate in your next company health fair.

All of our Titan line of units are gauranteed and carry a life-time warranty.

T.E.N.S stands for Transcutateous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. It’s is a drug-free alternative for managing pain. For the past twenty years, doctors have been prescribing it as an effective way to relieve pain. It offers many people safe comforting relief. It reduces and often even eliminates pain. It is FDA approved, and it is reimbursable by most insurance providers.

How can I recieve my own TENS unit?

Getting your own tens unit is quick and simple.

1.) If you have PPO insurance, chances are the cost of your unit is covered. Just call any one of our staff memebers at the number above. We will verify your coverage and set up your FREE TENS UNIT CONSULTATION with one of our doctors. If TENS is found to be appropriate for your type of pain, we will write you a prescription and dispense the unit. In addition, we will train and educate you how to use your new TENS unit at no extra charge.

2.) If you don''t have insurance or no coverage with your plan, no problem! You can still recieve a TENS unit, which will include your consultation, prescription and training. We carry state-of-the-art, affordable and effective TENS units.


What if I don''t have health insurance and I still want a TENS unit?

Because of our affiliation with large surgery centers, U.P.H.I. can offer TENS unit models at discount prices. You will find our units are highly effective and suprisingly affordable.

What Does It Look Like And How Do I Use It?U.P.H.I. offers the most advanced, pocket-sized, fully portable electrotherapy devices designed to relieve both acute and persistent pain. Our devices provide several different modes of operation; this provides the user with a variety of treatment options. There are two channels so it can be used to relieve pain at two body locations. Each unit is about the size of a deck of playing cards, so you can wear it anywhere, at home, to work, or in your car. A convenient belt clip allows you to wear it on your belt or even inside your clothing.

How Does TENS Work?This electrotherapy was designed to relieve pain by sending gentle electrical impulses through the skin to the nerves. This suppresses pain by blocking the pain signals before they reach the brain. Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation sends gentle impulses through lead wires that are connected to electrodes. These electrodes are strategically placed at appropriate pain sights on the body. Because there are many different kinds of pain, and each individual is unique, pain relief varies from person to person. Some users experience pain relief only while the TENS unit is turned on. For others, relief continues for a length of time even after the unit is turned off. It is an excellent, non-drug alternative for chronic pain such as lower-back ache and arthritis. It is also useful in relieving acute pain associated with surgery, traumatic injury, and other conditions.

What is the most effective way to use the device?To achieve the best results of electrotherapy, it is important to remember that the therapy merely activates the body''s own pain-fighting mechanism. Placing electrodes directly over or around the painful area delivers pain-blocking current to the nerves leading to that area. Some healthcare professionals have found that placing the electrodes along acupuncture points is also effective. Also, it is good to vary the placement of the electrodes each treatment to avoid skin irritation.

How long does it take for the treatment to produce results?

In most cases, studies show that it takes roughly 30 minutes for TENS treatment to begin to relieve pain. However, for conventional, high frequency TENS treatment, there is no set treatment limit. Some patients find hours of pain relief from short 30-to-60 minute sessions. Others use their TENS units for several hours a day or all day, depending on the pain generated by daily activities. Always use your TENS unit according to your physician''s directions.

When can the treatment be administered?It can be administered any time of day or night. It is recommended that TENS not be used while sleeping. This is simply because movement during sleep may cause electrodes to come off or be pressed into the flesh, causing skin irritation. However, always use your tens unit according to your physician''s directions.

Does TENS treatment have any risks or side effects?

Unlike surgery or prescription drugs, TENS is virtually risk free from injury, side effects or addiction. The low-volt electrical current delivered by the electrodes only penetrates the skin to the level of the nerve fibers, usually only one to two inches. This poses no danger to most individuals. However, those with cardiac conditions and/or pacemakers, and pregnant women should consult their doctors before using TENS. Also, neck and head pain that requires locating electrodes on these areas of the body should be conducted only with the consent of a physician. Use caution when you drive or operate heavy machinery.

SuppliesPrescription Required: If you have PPO insurance, chances are your unit and supplies arecovered under your insurance plan.

Insurance approved patients will receive monthly supply shipments of electrodes and batteries at no charge. If at any time during the month you run low on supplies, or if you need a different style of electrode, simply call toll free 1-800-505-4612. Average monthly usage is: two packs of two inch round electrodes, one butterfly electrode, and two batteries. We can customize monthly supply amounts of various styles and sizes upon request. Keep in mind, best results are realized through proper use and high quality supplies. We are here to assist your needs.

Head and Neck Pain:Cluster Headaches Dental Disorders Migraine Headaches Spondylosis Sprains/Strains Suboccipital Headaches TMJ Syndrome Torticollis Trigeminal Neuralgia Whiplash

Facet Syndrome Intercoastal Neuralgia IVD Syndrome Lumbago Lumbosacral Pain Radiculitis Sprains/Strains Thoracodynia Whole Back Pain

Lower Extremity Pain:Ankle Pain Foot Pain Fractures Ischialgia Knee Pain Passive Stretch Pain Sciatica Sprains/Strains Tendonitis Thrombophlebitis

Upper Extremity Pain:Epicondylitis Frozen Shoulder Hand Pain Peripheral Nerve Injury Sprains/Strains Subdeltoid Bursitis Wrist Pain

TENS units: This type of stimulation is characterized by biphasic, low volt, current and selectable parameters such as pulse rate and pulse width. TENS units stimulates sensory nerves to block pain signals, stimulate endorphin production to help normalize sympathetic function.

Note: If you have additonal questions and would like to talk to our doctors personally over the phone about your particular case, feel free to call Christina at (877) 777-7001.

Company Safety Managers/Business owners: If you offer PPO insurance to your employees, we may be able to dispense TENS units to your employees and train them at little or NO COST to you or them. We are available for healthfairs

T.E.N.S. A Modern And Effective Solution To Ending Your Pain

This seminar will cover everything you need to know about TENS units.

1. How to end your dependence on medication for muscular pain.

2. How TENS can help you if you suffer from acute or chronic pain.

3. Why your doctor my be reluctant to prescribe TENS to you.

4. How to use your new TENS unit and where to place the pads.

5. How you can receive free pads and batteries for free for life!

Where: Najera Chiropractic. Chula Vista, CA 619-422-3222

Guest Speaker: Regionally recognized lecturer and teacher, Dr. David Salse

Cost: Free. seating is limited to 30 guests. To reserve you seat, call Christian 1-87-777-7001. Units can be obtained at the event. PPO patients should bring their insurance card so we can verify coverage for you.

Monrovia chiropractor specializing in chiropractic care. Dr. David Salse is a well-trained Monrovia chiropractor specializing in chiropractic care.