Bronchitis is what

Bronchitis is what


Bronchitis is what
question:Bronchitic it is what disease
Bronchitic what be? Bronchitic be to point to tracheal: ? Qiu of A of ⅰ of v/LIT all over the ground word of cook over a slow fire of plaque of Yuan Qiao of solemn  of  of scull of ё of Qi of eight of ぜ of line of   glucoside washing with watercolors collects expectoration of? of person of Kuang of bowstring simian て or companion to have breath reach break out repeatedly for the feature. Chronic cough: ? A short wooden stake of the Qiu that bear pray writes  ? to break out every year continuously 3 months, successive 2 years or above, can you eliminate heart: ? Grain Lu  not does class  hammer beat patient of ⒆ ? part to you can develop: of block sex emphysema? Does head of pregnant of  of  Yuan Wo whiz?
Bronchitic pathogeny?
The inflammation of repeated infection to form bronchus chronic blame particularity that bronchitic main reason is virus and bacterium. When: of air temperature pelter? Benefit of the demote below function of defence of? of firm caution of copy of Yan of  of ⊙ of cake  fellow at causing disease; Aerosol dust: ? Piao respects earnest  to shout evil spirit ⒉ of Nie of ひ of  source carbon. Shake  to drip: of mutation of mucous membrane of? of copy of Yan of strange   ? ? of archives of  of heir  large is mucous secrete grow in quantity advantageous infection; Touchy element also has particular concern.
Bronchitic classification
Bronchitic cent is acute bronchitic and chronic bronchitic

[Editor this paragraph] acute and chronic bronchitic
Chronic bronchitic as bronchitic as acute both distinction is easier, can differentiate according to undermentioned tripartite face:
(: of 1) medical history? Does ∏ of ⒉ of Shen of word of Zi of Zhu of  of the  that kill calamity tending or guard a gate unplug vertebra of Zhu of  of  of bend so as to breakstubborn seeks ∈ ? not to have chronic cough: namely?
(Does 2) course of diseases reach semiotic: ? ? of gorge of 〗 of a legendary bird with poisonous feathers of bright of Zhu of  of the  that kill calamity begins to be dry cough, cough later stick phlegmy or purulent sex is phlegmy. After often accompanying breastbone, bilge frowzily or ache. Calorific wait for systemic symptom to be in more 3 ~ improve inside 5 days, but cough: ? Bear touch ⒆ to enter 3 in? ~ just restores 3 weeks. And chronic bronchitic criterion with long-term: ? ゼ of a mythical bird like the phoenix of  of hammer cook a meal companion of? of ⒆ of crucian carp of bosom of dizzy  of person of eye of an ancient nationality in China has expectoration. Expectoration symptom and infection were concerned, weight. Still can accompany have breath, defer of course of diseases.
(3) complication: ? Awl of Zhu of  of the  that kill calamity whizs  of Yuan Wen of  of fierce fir of word a short wooden stake allows amine eddy seeks? and slow bronchitic progress is accompanied to certain level have afore-mentioned diseases.