2009  October  The Fitness Equipment Review

2009 October The Fitness Equipment Review

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Add Some Fun and Whimsy to Your Workout

While it’s true some people get out of shape because of lack of effort, just as often it’s a matter of motivation. When provided with a fun, innovative workout routine, these people flourish. If you can’t bring yourself to set foot on a treadmill without your iPod in hand and you wouldn’t dream of parking your bud on a stationery bike without a flat-screen TV in convenient viewing range, the following exercise might be for you.

Try setting up a mini trampoline in your home and doing a five-minute preliminary bounce. Then stand in the center and begin perfecting your jumps. Your goal is to establish control over the timing of the bounces as well as their height. Next, try jogging in place on the trampoline, working your arms along with the motion of your feet. In time you can add more advanced moves.

In some cases, simply being out of shape can be an excuse for not getting back in shape. For example, I used to live an active lifestyle in high school and college. Some days I would go to tennis practice before playing a pickup hoops game with a friend and riding my bike several miles home afterward. But then came the daily grind of a corporate routine. Suddenly time was of the essence and I no longer made fitness a top priority.

As I put on weight and got out of shape, I would find any excuse possible not to go to the gym. Fortunately, a home elliptical machine takes invalidates each excuse from the start. When you exercise at home, you don’t have to deal with judgmental gym rats or long lines just to use the equipment. Best of all, you can exercise at your own pace, starting slow and getting back into the fitness routine over a period of days or weeks.

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It could be argued that body image is more important to Americans now than ever before. Women are expected to resemble the airbrushed models appearing on the covers of fashion magazines and men the muscular physiques of pro athletes. While these expectations aren’t exactly realistic, it’s perfectly healthy to take good care of yourself. The only way a man can expect to get ripped – without suffering the side effects associated with steroids – is to do the work the old-fashioned way.

Start by purchasing a weight bench, as it will be ground zero for your exercise operations. Build upper body strength with curls and bench presses. Then shift your focus to the lower body with squats, dead lifts and leg presses. Once you really get serious about your weight-lifting regimen, set up a chalkboard in the room where you can track your progress. Don’t try to do too much too fast – you’ll see results in time.

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