The Benefits Of The Feast And Famine Diet

The Benefits Of The Feast And Famine Diet

The Feast and Famine Diet brings a load of benefits some more obvious than others. Are you ready to take a look? I think you’ll find them really exciting. If radically reducing fat while also basking in these health benefits doesn’t interest someone looking to transform their body for the better I’m not sure what will!

Quickly Cut Body Fat Safely

This is why most people will explore the Feast and Famine approach to diet. You can expect to see the fat melt off as long as you take your Famine days seriously. Eat too much on those days and you are obviously missing the point. We know this works, we’ve seen it and now even better news – science backs it up!

Recent University of Illinois research has shown in those following alternate day reduced calorie plans (inline with our Guide’s recommendations) lost significantly more fat than those eating normally and following the same exercise protocols. It’s a plus to be on the right side of science when, sadly, they most often trail far behind the true health and diet vanguard!

Easy To Follow And Manage

The next ground breaking benefit of Feast and Famine is how easy it is to follow and manage. I’ve touched on this already, but it truly bears repeating. Anyone who has counted carbs on a ketogenic diet like Atkins or the many others I’m sure will quickly agree! Once you figure out in your head what your 500 or 600 calories on famine days looks like you are set. No calculators or complications, period.

Enhanced Mental Function

Yes, we suspected it, but science has backed us up again. Reduced weekly calories (which is what you get with the Feast and Famine Diet) leads to increased focus, better memory and other enhanced cognitive function according to Mark Mattson’s research for the Lancet. These effects may even carry over into the fight against Alzheimer’s disease and other similar huge health concerns which Mattson is exploring further.

Improve Insulin Levels

One of the reasons why many people pack on and find it so hard to lose body fat is their out of whack insulin levels. The Feast and Famine approach optimizes insulin levels for healthy fat loss, which just adds to the amount of fat already being cut from the calorie reduction and heightened metabolism we’ve already touched on.

Frees Up Time On Famine Days

One of the surprise benefits of this approach is the new found time you find available on Famine days. Small meals and no constant snacking or grazing frees up a shocking amount of time and energy that can be used positively elsewhere. I’ve found, and others have confirmed this, that some of our most creative and productive days turn out again and again to be famine days! Far from not having energy you end up filled with it!

The Feast and Famine Diet approach is packed with benefits, physical, mental and even social. It’s hard to even think of anything, but a small drawback or two and then only for those who are lacking in the desire to “get lean” department. This is truly a method that changes lives for the best.