Some of us (if not most)

Some of us (if not most)

Some of us (if not most) aren''t going to question when we have a sudden weight loss. In fact, were just as happy as can be to get rid of those excess fats on the side. Aren''t you?

Unfortunately, it is so sad to say that a woman''s metabolism slows down as they age, in fact, by 2 percent every year. Oh no, you are doomed. But there''s always a solution for every problem and there''s something that you can do about it to be that fitness babe you always dream of.

Primarily, women''s metabolism slows down as they age because of the loss of muscle mass and increase in fat. So it does mean, building muscles is essential and it is the main goal in increasing the metabolism since our metabolism is partially affected by the amount of muscle in our body. The bottom line is that an increase muscle mass, is an increase in metabolism as well and it allows the body to burn calories quicker and faster.

There goes the relationship between increasing metabolism and sudden weight loss. It is easy to say but how can you build muscle mass?

There are several things we can do in a daily basis such as:

  1. Eat regularly. It is important not to skip breakfast. Contrary to the belief that in order to get some quick weight loss you skip it. But in fact, skipping the first meal of the day slows down your metabolism in order to compensate.
  2. Build muscle by lifting weights 2 to 3 times a week. Just a quick reminder that this should be done with the supervision of your personal trainer or fitness consultant.
  3. Get active. Walk as much as you can. Your body needs to exercise at least 30 minutes, 3 times a week. You can spread out your exercise regimen if you can''t do it at once. Walking after strength training even burns more calories.

Coupled with patience and dedication, it wont be too long for you achieve what you really want.