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Archive for category General health

We have discovered the ultimate reason for all diseases: poisoning of our body beyond its capacity to purify itself.

Nearly 100% of such poisoning comes from our diet. We basically poison ourselves, simply because we do not care about what we eat.

In view of the above, our diet requires a basic revision

The wisdom of many civilisations in the past was expressed in their diet. Two key items in the diet are common for all civilisations without exception, from ancient India to modern Georgia :


2. PURE WATER (from the spring)

I have not heard anyone objecting to this. However, the word to which we should pay special attention is pure.

Unfortunately, the criteria for purity have become quite arbitrary nowadays. The prevailing doctrine is, that there is a threshold of pollution in the water, which is acceptable and safe for humans to consume. Medical Authorities generally accept and recommend the chemical treatment of water, leaving chlorine and other chemicals in it. Poisons are added

(fluoride), in the name of sterilisation and safety of supply, despite the fact that their toxicity is beyond doubt, and they accumulate in our body causing chronic diseases (arthritis). Municipal water also contains heavy metals from pipes, pumps etc., traces of herbicides, pesticides and other chemicals. It is very difficult to obtain information about the levels of such ingredients in our water from the relevant authorities. They would prefer that we do not know and believe that the water is OK.

Do not consume such water. Do not use it for tea, soup on even in cooking. Use water obtained from natural springs. Alternatively, filter the municipal water yourself. Do not use chemical filters. They may initially work, but eventually they may leave even more chemicals in the water you drink. The best are multi-stage paper and active carbon filters, with the final stage that uses a reverse osmosis ceramic membrane. The process of reverse osmosis imitates the function of a natural spring: water runs over a stone (ceramic element) and minute quantities filter slowly through. For home installation, the rate is quite slow: about half a litre per hour. There are systems available, which store about 10 litres of filtered water under light pressure, ready for the immediate use.

Note, that most of the beverages, including fruit juices from concentrates, contain municipal tap water. It would be much better if you squeezed the juice yourself from fresh fruits, or bought the frozen concentrate and diluted it yourself with spring or filtered water.